Durable Designer Furniture Pieces

Durable Designer Furniture Pieces
Art & Design
Mar 2023

The R24 collection has been designed by Paula Valentini for GANDIABLASCO as a series of outdoor furniture pieces for the modern patio or backyard to infuse style into any exterior space. The collection includes a low-slung coffee table and a stool, which are both crafted with powder-coated stainless steel rods for the utmost attention to industrial durability. The glass topper for the table is kept affixed onto the coffee table with Velcro for easy removal, while the stool can feature an optional cushion.
The R24 collection is handcrafted in India and prioritizes a lightweight construction that doesn't skimp on durability and strength. Each of the pieces are rated to support up to a hundred-times their own weight thanks to the interwoven steel rods.